#1 reason fans tuned out the failing NFL was SOB's kneeling during the anthem: UBS survey

The number one reason football fans tuned out NFL telecasts is the son of a bitch players who disrespected the flag during the national anthem according to a new study by UBS.

Half of the 2,000 US consumers surveyed said they are watching fewer NFL games on TV because some players knelt during the anthem. The NFL saw TV ratings decline during the regular season, playoffs, and Super Bowl.

Last year, 32 percent of fans said they were tuning out because of the anthem protests.

The No. 2 reason, cited by 20 percent of fans, for not watching NFL telecasts was that they are “not as interested in professional football.”

Players’ off-field antics were the No. 3 reason, with 23 percent citing them as the reason they were watching less football.

Boycott these NFL sponsors until it cleans up its flag act (Head & Shoulders...)

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