FAIL: Terrible Trio member Bart Scott said 'Ya know?" 8 times in 24 seconds in a 124 word question

Catachrestic clown

Steve Smith Sr. joined WFAN's terrible trio yesterday. After dropping gems like the following... would think it couldn't get any worse from the paid professional sports talk hosts that make up the, as of now, Afternoon Drive.

And then assclown Bart Scott uttered the following question:

"But I wanted to talk to you more about uh you know I shared my story with me being released by uh the Jets with uh you know John Idzik you know and uh and I know you your your relationship and you know probably wanted to finish as a Panther you know how how did you receive that you know we had DeAngelo Williams come on and you know talk a little bit about Gettleman and the fact that Eli is there and he's hoping hoping that he can retire as a Giant you know that maybe that may not be the case you know how important was that to you and and how did you take that news when you got it?"

That's approximately a 124 word run on interrogative sentence. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR WORDS! 16 of them are 'Ya + Know,' 4 or so are 'uh or um' and 5 are multiple word stutters.

Why, yes - that does beat Marc Malusis' 9 'ya knows' in 22 seconds question as the dumbest sentence ever uttered by a talk show host.

Brandon Tierney? Up!

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