Folks who say getting the flu shot 'lessens the severity of the flu if you get it' are probably lying to you

Before the internet made fact checking easier the number spit out was 70%: "The flu shot will protect 70% of those who get it." Actually, however, get the flu shot and you have a 15% of getting the flu year over year. Don't and you're at 17%. The flu shot makes a 2% difference...and that's in a good year. (Go ahead, check out "More Proof the Flu Shot is Worthless: A Meta Analysis" for the stats.)

So what did the moneymakers (not just doctors anymore - the vaccine makers, nurses, heck even pharmacies today) do? They, year by year, recommened by age group. 'The flu shot didn't work this year in the elderly. Docs still recommend it for children age 6 months and older.' to 'The flu shot didn't work this year in the the young. Docs still recommend it for the elderly.' Lather, rinse, repeat.

Now what do you hear? 'Family Nurse Practitioner' Audrey Hoover in Molly Shea's 'THE FLU 411' in today's Post spewing, "Any protection is worthwhile. Even if you do contract the ful, the shot can shorten the flu's duration and severity.' Yeah? FAKE NEWS. Just this morning former NY Governor David Paterson, co-hosting on 710 WOR with Len Berman, fielded the same nonsense during a phone call. The always good speaker said, "Who says? 'They' say. Yes, they say because there is no proof at all that it does."

Go do a PubMed search of peer reviewed medical journal published articles that ask, 'Does Influenza Vaccination Modify Influenza Severity' and one will find any study before last year with large groups and good methods all end with a conclusion that includes 'Analysis of data from seasons with different predominant strains and higher estimates of vaccine effectiveness are needed.' What those studies will morph into will include future titles like 'Effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccination modifying severity of flu in Iowa's retirement home community' with 30 residents. Rinse will become 'Effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccination modifying severity of flu in Denver's pre-school community' with 25 children.

And that's not even getting into the science of injecting an air borne illness directly into one's bloodstream.

The only method of flu prevention proven to work is avoidance. So get some rest, eat well, and wash your hands frequently. ie, lather, rinse, repeat. And if you do get it anyway? Attack the flu virus (without Tamiflu) as we spelled out right here.

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