Joe Benigno had to rip the embarrassingly bad Maggie Gray on her failed NBA opinions

Let's be honest - Joe Benigno is an uneducated, lift from the newspaper, lazy unprepared shill. Bart Scott is as close to illiterate as we've seen on radio besides the Wack Pack and the embarrassingly bad Maggie Gray is, well, embarrassingly bad.

And it's this current level of awfulness that leads to clip like this one. Joe Benigno killing Gray for her absolute moronic take on the Knicks 'handling' of Kristaps Porzingis.

Mark Chernoff once famously stated that he'd had NO CAREER DISAPPOINTMENTS. Not figuring out that not one, not two, but all friggin' three of the Terrible Trio are untalented (with 2 lacking even a basic understanding of how to speak English) dolts goes right to that previously blank page Mark.

They're horrific.

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