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KD: The Race to Give Kirk Cousins $150 Million is on...

The Race to Give Kirk Cousins $150 Million is on...

"It is morally wrong to separate a sucker from his money..."
~ W. C. Fields

So the race is on to throw nine digits at a par-for-the-course Quaterback named Kirk Cousins, who has made the playffs once - with zero playoff wins - in his six-year NFL career.

Is this how desperate teams have become? (Colin Kapernick has at least won two playoff games and he's as paid as anyone writing for BobsBlitz.com.)

I have to hand it to Mr. Cousins for putting himself in a position no NFL player has ever put himself in ever: Free agency in the prime of his career at the most premium position in the NFL. Capt. Kirk Is a solid dude who had avoided any major injury, unlike the Heisman winner drafted three rounds ahead of him in the same draft.

The clubhouse leaders seem to be the perpetually seeking a QB NY Jets, the one-player-away Denver Broncos and the not-as-bad-their-record (covered 10 games ATS in 2017) Cleveland Browns. And all of these teams have coaching staffs more nervous that a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Supply and demand dynamics benefit the average-at-best, never-won-a-playoff-game but puts up better-than-average statistics Cousins in the modern NFL calculus. Frankly, there has never been a free agent at any position like him. Therefore, he will most likely sign a six year, $150 million contract with at least $75 million fully guaranteed.

Cousins in the lone seller of a premium product in a market with multiple buyers who just happen to have the money to spend. Literally - under NFL/NFLPA salary-cap and spending-floor rules - have the money to burn.

And working in Kirk Cousins' favor that he is generally regarded as a 'Good Guy'. He may just break the inexplicable Matthew Stafford (5y/$135 mil) stupid contract threshold. And don't be shocked if the NY Jets are the team to do it.

I say: Go get that money, Kid. Skin the sheep; don't just sheer it. Your Great Grandchildren will thank you.


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