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Phil Mushnick wasted 32 paragraphs on WFAN's Terrible Trio

Phil Mushnick got around to critiquing WFAN's Terrible Trio today. Sounded familiar.

Of that clown Bart Scott Phil writes, "Scott, the ex-Jet, seems lost to platitudes when not talking football. Otherwise, he seems to be hanging on, waiting for the ride to end or asking protracted questions that, by the time he’s finished, isn’t worth awaiting the answer."

You mean like, "But I wanted to talk to you more about uh you know I shared my story with me being released by uh the Jets with uh you know John Idzik you know and uh and I know you your your relationship and you know probably wanted to finish as a Panther you know how how did you receive that you know we had DeAngelo Williams come on and you know talk a little bit about Gettleman and the fact that Eli is there and he's hoping hoping that he can retire as a Giant you know that maybe that may not be the case you know how important was that to you and and how did you take that news when you got it?"

You can't fix stupid. (KD wrote a month ago, "Is it me or is Bart Scott just completely uncomfortable to listen to?")

Of Maggie Gray: "Gray knows her stuff but too often rattles off names and numbers as if trying to prove she knows names and numbers. She’s often a fountain of flat, forced useless information."

WFAN's resident lazy jerk.

You can't fix lazy. It has to be fixed by the lazy one. And it won't be. WFAN doesn't employ executive producers or a PD who seems to care about speakers improving themselves. (i.e. 20 year "That's just Jerry" Recco.) Just how horrific and lazy is CBS' Maggie Gray? Spewing non-stop for 70 seconds on Mike Francesa's wasp nest, CBS had to close caption her. (Those deep breaths are a huge asset too.) Though Gray once talked for like 77 straight seconds like without a breath...she says nothing. Not only forced useless info - she spews almost as many verbal tic fillers as Scott does.

To top it all off, she's a jerk. First, she showed her intelligence by mangling the the 'feet to the the fire' line with, "Ya know they don't want to throw his feet into the the fire." And then, after that bit of stupidity, she had the the friggin' balls to mock Giants head coach Ben McAdoo AND Redskins HC Jay Gruden as stupid looking.

The blowhard was mocking folks as stupid looking! (Yet you can bet she'd be the the first to moan if someone noted she had to write down notes.)

She topped that garbage all off by mocking Vikes QB Case Keenum's 5 years in college not leading to an MD degree -- dropping, wait for it, eight 'likes' in 25 seconds (with plenty of 'ya knows' and 'I means' thrown in to boot.)

On Chris Carlin Mushnick writes, "Carlin, with the most radio experience, has to shoulder the load, often trying too hard to make self-effacing comedy that’s too transparent to be even marginally clever.

"The ad-libs sound forced, the debates strained, aimless and not worth their time or ours."

Phil must mean acting like one of those asshole Inés Sainz like 'reporters' who show up for Super Bowl interviews. Carlin to Tom Brady: "Tom, if this doesn't work out - will you consider the XFL?"

Mush also took aim at the continued fraudulent ads WFAN sells: "And WFAN’s collection of dubious commercials — hair replacement ads, companies that will miraculously wipe out your tax debts, hollering car dealers — make “elsewhere” a logical option."

Not to mention losing 50 pounds in 40 days and anything admitted lying shill Joe Benigno reads. (When you hear a car honk -- know Joe is lying.)

Phil's advice to the Terrible Trio is, 'relax.' Ours is - resign.

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