WFAN's Mark Chernoff refused to answer the 5 questions we asked him last week

WFAN's Mark Chernoff has never not answered questions we've sent to him.

Until now. Last week we sent the 5 questions below.

1) Why on earth would you make the smart decision to cut 20/20 updates and at the same time keep the unlikable, giggly Jerry Recco A) at all and B) doing what amounts to 2 updates per hour -- taking AWAY from the 'talent' of Boomer and Gio?

2) Why was the firing of Craig Carton necessary?

3) How could you possibly have listened to Bart Scott, a guy who has what appears to be a 4th grade grasp of the English language and go, "Yeah, I have to hire this guy."?

4) Why don't you or any of your EPs work to eliminate verbal tics in hosts like the awful Maggie Gray? Do you now realize she embarrasses everyone at WFAN when she attacks the appearance of folks in sports while she, a pro speaker, is like like like like ya knowing, all over the studio?

5) Does WFAN have an 'out' clause in the contracts of the Terrible Trio?

No reply...sad.

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