Athlete Boomer Esiason couldn't care less what Gregg Giannotti has to say

Boomer Esiason has added, "Ya know?" to his ever increasing number of verbal tics, and all that other stuff. (All that other stuff being two sizes too small pullovers now.)

boomer esiason fat
I am an athlete and all that other stuff, Ya know? Cough.

The other day we reported that Esiason and Jerry Recco are mind numbingly annoying at times. The latter never improves, "don't get it," and guffaws like a dolt. The former is the only person in sports talk radio who can argue two opposite points at the same exact time...and all that other stuff.

Craig Carton used to ignore both and just do his thing. Gregg Giannotti? Becomes visibly upset at stupidity. Watch GG hold it in while Esiason goes on and on this morning about fugazi NFL draft moves (a subject he SHOULD know) that will never happen.

Well today Esiason couldn't take Gio. Doing his best to keep his eyes open it was still obvious.

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