Boomer Esiason shares his not well thought out thoughts on his daughter getting engaged to Matt Martin

Boomer Esiason shares his thoughts on his daughter Sydney Esiason (formerly of Sports Illustrated, formerly of, formerly of the NY Jets...) getting engaged to Toronto Maple Leaf winger Matt Martin.

Gregg Giannotti now picking up the baton of making sports talk show hosts unlikable by talking about stupid over the top over priced BS weddings. Esiason adding to the unlikability by talking about smaller weddings.

WFAN just made the tapes disappear.

Boomer is happy Martin isn't an Islander and hopes he's not an Islander in the future. Someone better tell Esiason that Matty has 3 lousy goals and he better hope he has a job somewhere after next season given that stat sheet.

Speaking of stat sheets -- Someone else better get in to WFAN and start instructing these failing shows what fans want to hear because 660 has the feel like it is the old guard and that it is just ready to 'splode. Jerry Recco, gone. Al Dukes, don't let the door hit you on the arse. Terrible Trio and its EP? Fire 'em.


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