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Eddie Scozzare: Screw Joe Benigno & his foot drop issues

Eddie Scozzare mocks Joe Benigno's whining about his health.

Joe's got everything. He got a cortisone shot in his knee (and cortisone shots always fix things). He has weakness in his foot (aka functional limb weakness) and has to get an MRI. (That is probably posterior tibial neuralgia, foot drop, or, most likely - DDD in his back pinching a nerve.) Joe even has to recover from taking a shower! (How's he shaving with his Harry's if he has to recover from taking a shower?)

Benigno may have spinal stenosis. (He'll find that out with that MRI of his feets...if they can do one of his back, too, but only on Saturday, ok bro? Friday is a day of rest. He's already told Chernoff.)

Here's his full bitching and moaning.

Of course lazy Joe Benigno is going to recover not by working out and getting stronger...he's going to take some time and rest. Rest always fixes knees, weak feet, and spinal stenosis.

Now seriously Joe? We know we joke but - if your toes drag on the floor when you walk...get to a neurologist, stat.

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