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Is New Mexico State's 'student athlete' Zach Lofton the most ridiculous face of March Madness ever?

If not, it's close. Reading Phil Mushnick today one might have thought they were reading The Onion.
But let’s look at how and why New Mexico State made this year’s NCAA Tournament.

In addition to a roster recruited from France, Australia and Trinidad, the state-funded school’s biggest get this season was 6-foot-4 guard Zach Lofton, who has averaged 20 points and five rebounds.

First, Lofton played for three high schools. One closed, the next was near his home in Minnesota, the third an Iowa prep academy that draws aspiring college basketball players from throughout the country. Some call such schools basketball warehouses.

New Mexico State — which lost to Clemson 79-68 in the first round Friday — is Lofton’s fifth college. He’ll be a one-and-done five times.

He began at San Jacinto College, moved to Illinois State, for he which played though was suspended for misconduct, then transferred to Minnesota, which threw him out for misconduct before he even played a game, then it was off to Texas Southern, and now he plays for NMSU.

Lofton is listed as a “senior graduate transfer” — which means he graduated from his last stop, Texas Southern, though his major at Minnesota, the season before, was listed as “undecided.” Fascinating.

Lofton is 25 years and 4 months old.

Though an over-aged senior, at Texas Southern he was named the conference’s “Newcomer of the Year.”

Then the senior Newcomer of the Year, still with one year of eligibility remaining, was invited to play as a “senior graduate transfer” for New Mexico State, a program run by ostensibly responsible adults in the name of an accredited state university.

That's a friggin' disgrace. A scam. State school supporting a man on campus who is not a teacher. And you grads at Texas Southern? Be very proud of that degree of yours.

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