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Joe Benigno thought MLB Network's Jon Heyman turned Albert Belle in

At a radio station filled with lazy, unprepared, and just downright stupid professional talkers - it's really becoming hard to pick the biggest loser. That clown Bart Scott or that lying shill Joe Benigno? Today, more evidence.

You know what happened to Albert Belle over the weekend, right? (And you're not a professional sports talk show host sitting at home watching Boomer & Gio.) No, no bat corking. No, no felony stalking charges. Not harassment and violating court orders. Not throwing a ball at a fan. Not running down trick or treaters in a car. Not rehab again (yet). Not cursing out ESPN's Hannah Storm and trying to force her from the dugout prior to a World Series game.

Nope. Albert 'I can do 99 great things and as soon as I do one bad thing it overshadows the 99' Belle was arrested for extreme DUI and indecent exposure.

WFAN's Joe Beningo did not know that.

You also probably know that Jon Heyman has been a strong critic of the well-known malcontent. Probably, perhaps besides (maybe) Fernando ViƱa, the bad seed's smallest fan. So when Frankie from Massapequa called WFAN today and said, "That was really mean for Heyman to turn Albert Belle in..." -- you got the joke.

Joe Benigno did not.

JB: "What did he do?"

Evan Roberts: "Have you heard about Albert Belle?"

JB: "No, what happened to him now?"

ER: "Jeeze. Ya know, I'm gonna break it down..."

JB: "And Heyman turned him in, Frank?"

ER: " he's joking."

Frank: "I'm kidding!"

JB: "Oh, OK."

Joey Belle is a bad guy. Joe Beningo is a lazy, stupid guy.

And you can't fix either.

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