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KBilly KILLED WFAN's Bart Scott the Clown on Twitter

WFAN's classy ESL host Bart Scott the Clown tweeted yesterday, "I’m baaaack b*tches." (And, yes - CBS Entercom WFAN let him.)

@SuperSounds70s killed him.

@smagu13 weighed in, "thanks for the warning."

@KCoyle33: "*cue ratings dip*"

@JoeDantonio, "it's odell , everyday, all the time...do you know any other topic?...if he goes away, hopefully he takes CMB with him !!!!!"

@Jayco2885: "Did u leave wfan..or learn anything about baseball"

@Denisoco, "Not for long. Based on the recent Arbitron Radio ratings, you'll be gone soon."

@Daniel11702421: "L we don’t like you"

@NickDeBabylon, "LMAO when you told a caller that YOU won all these playoff games and YOU went into hostile places and won and YOU did this that and the next... Dude....You were a MEDIOCRE LB..... AT BEST..."

@wonkerine: "Mush Mouth? From the Cosby kids? Is that you?"

@JeffMillerNews, "Looking forward to you going away for good. #firebartscott #bitch"

@JonD114: "What a shame, thought your show got shit canned."

@JerryReach, "You went somewhere? Who knew since you are so irrelevant"

And, Ben Jones: "Who cares bitch?"

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