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Mike Francesa has Joe Benigno leaving WFAN

Chris Russo on the spiraling out of control bad WFAN today on something called High Heat on MLB Network, "I'll tell you right now before you know it they'll be no one on WFAN - I guarantee it."

Mike Francesa, "Who's leaving? Joe Benigno?"

The world can only hope it's the Terrible Trio and producer, followed by Jerry Recco and Al Dukes, and, god willing, Evan Roberts. (BTW, Evan, Bart, Maggie, Gio and Carlin? Note that when Mike has Joe out and Russo has Boomer out that Chris follows up by stating, "Then they have nobody."

Respect. And, probably why last year Craig Carton said, "Chris Mad Dog Russo is a backstabbing ahole."

Almost a year to the day Francesa pointed out, "Joe is much closer to the end than most know." And that was way before, apparently, he didn't share NJDiet DNA results with his healthcare providers to make critical decisions about his health.

Carton starts tomorrow. Bernie and Sid start next week. The Afternoon Drive sucks. Evan and Joe suck and that's just when Beningo shows up for work.

And Al Dukes is so far in over his head he has no clue how to right the morning ship (which would include him, out. Jerry, out. And Gio steering ... )

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