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NY Daily News wants to know if Boomer & Gio have been told to 'go dirty'

Another update? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

WFAN saw an overall 18% decrease in ratings from December 2017 to January 2018 and an 11.7% decrease in cume. January 2017 Boomer & Carton were #1 AM drive. 2018? Tied for 6th/7th.

Explains why Mark Chernoff is not answering emails.

Today the Daily News asks:

Norman Julius Esiason has often talked about taking “personal responsibility.” But what is his, and his partner Gregg Giannotti’s, “personal responsibility” when it comes to those who were turned off by their Tuesday talk about sexually transmitted disease and genitals during a mainstream morning radio show. The same WFAN show where they also have talked about “sex tapes” they have viewed. Are they being encouraged to do this to try to boost ratings? If that’s the case, maybe they should consider a cash sweepstakes instead… Joe Benigno called the NCAA “an outright hypocritical farce.” Yet this won’t stop him from talking about the NCAA men’s basketball tournament…

Jerry Recco and Al Dukes should have been fired when Recco failed to land the co-host job.

In a related note, the embarrassingly bad Maggie Gray let Twitter know the Terrible Trio just 3 whores stealing money from ownership.

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