An uneasy Boomer & Gio discuss lying Mike Francesa's impending return to dysfunctional WFAN...& his revolutionary new app

Mike Francesa comforts Chris Carlin

Mike Francesa is apparently returning to dysfunctional WFAN and he's bringing with him, again, a revolutionary new app. (Back in 2012, Francesa's groundbreaking new Audio Roadshow app let you take part in polls. And then his phones broke and his 'app guy' couldn't fix them.) Boomer Esiason and an uneasy Gregg Giannotti spent a rambling 30 minutes opening Boomer & Gio today discussing the move.

Some highlights:

Gregg is uneasy.

Eddie Scozzare plays Mike Francesa soundbites...while Gio does Mike Francesa soundbites.

Boomer feels Francesa stabbed the English language challenged Terrible Trio in the back and that the $6 dollar 'Mike Francesa Studio' plaque has to come down. "I would think that the first thing he should do is go up to the three of them and apologize." Eddie Scozzare: "And then I will go sprinkle salt where hell froze over."

WFAN called another emergency meeting to talk about Francesa yesterday.

Esiason outed Chirs Carlin as the probable Daily News leak. (Not Marc Malusis this time Booms?)

Both mocked Neil Best as Mike's press secretary.

Giannotti said Francesa 'fabricated' the story about people trying to keep him out as cover for his being a bully. Gio wishes Carlin had gone a little harder at Mike on air and not just with his hard d*ck texts.

Gregg Giannotti has the strongest breadth AND depth of any sports talk show host working today's not all fine and dandy in the mornings no matter what Boomer says.

*Update - Craig Carton calls on Boomer Esiason to threaten to resign if Mike Francesa is brought back.

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