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Bathroom hand dryers suck up crap & spray it on your hands

You know those 'no towel' public rest rooms that utilize bathroom hand dryers because 'they're better for the environment?' Yeah, they suck up poop and then spray it on your hands, according to a new study.

Connecticut researchers warn:

Consequently, this study has implications for the control of opportunistic bacterial pathogens and spores in public environments including healthcare settings. Within a large building, potentially pathogenic bacteria including bacterial spores may travel between rooms, and subsequent bacterial/spore deposition by hand dryers is a possible mechanism for spread of infectious bacteria including spores of potential pathogens if present.

Oh, and they're not sure 'if hand dryers provide a reservoir of bacteria or simply blow large amounts of bacterially contaminated air.'

So it's shared poop.

They conclude, "These results indicate that many kinds of bacteria, including potential pathogens and spores, can be deposited on hands exposed to bathroom hand dryers, and that spores could be dispersed throughout buildings and deposited on hands by hand dryers."

That bucks a guy up on a Thursday afternoon like Bart Scott debating concussions with Gary Bettman.

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