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Chris Russo: Chris Carlin sent he & Mike Francesa 'suck my d*ck' texts

Uneducated moron Chris Russo understands that on a national show people 'could care less' about WFAN's comings and goings but he also addressed that Mike Francesa may anchor the afternoon spot as early as tomorrow.

Then the putz told Mike that one cannot do a long goodbye like Francesa did. The same putz who has done 48 reunion shows and who nuzzled Francesa's quite large asscheeks publicly every chance he got told him one has to just let it go.

Then Russo said having young kids is tough BUT that's what wives are for.

Russo ripped WFAN for hiring the Terrible Trio after having a year to find replacements and making one of them that non-baseball clown Bart Scott to boot.

No one got forced out. They have guaranteed contracts but the psychological blow is tremendous. 2 hours instead of 4 is embarrassing. But you didn't get ratings and you didn't get revenue.

Russo of course also turned the story into SIRIUS milking his stone and then not so much wanting to pay him anymore.

Finally...Chris said SIRIUS would have taken Mike 'out of courtesy' to him but that the deal didn't work out before, 13 minutes in, he lectured the Terrible Trio's Chris Carlin not to send him 'Suck my dick' texts.

No, Chris? Actually you could care less in this situation. You just proved it.

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