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Chris Russo: Joe Beningo knows nothing about sports

Chris Russo on local yocals getting on Mets manager Mickey Callaway for not letting Jacob DeGrom pitch to one more batter -- Howie Kendrick...whom deGrom had already struck out three times. (Note how many times Russo screws up doing what he's paid to do, ie, speaking.)

He needed 6 outs. He needed 5 outs. I can't kill him for taking him out in the bottom er top of the 8th inning. Local media is nutz. It's 40 degrees. It's late, it's mid April and the bullpen's been lights out and there's local media guys getting on him [Callaway] for that? That's assinine. Who's doing that? Who's that, Joe Benigno? Those are guys who don't know anything about sports. Those are guys who know nothing about baseball.

Agree Benigno knows nothing about anything except his memory of the sports days of old but, wow, Joe and Chris both are paid professional speakers...who cannot speak.

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