Craig Carton hypocritically ripped Rockies broadcaster Jenny Cavnar with friggin' Corey Parson still broadcasting next to him

Colorado Rockies broadcaster Jenny Cavnar makes history becoming the 2nd female to do play-by-play for a Major League Baseball team. (Gayle Gardner did so first in 1993 when she called a game between the Colorado Rockies and the Cincinnati Reds.)

Her home run call, admittedly, not good. Terrible, actually. But to have Craig Carton review it and paint it as 'amateurish, unprofessional broadcasting' AFTER he said that he's proving a white guy, a white girl, and a black guy can be entertaining and right BEFORE saying, "If someone sucks, they suck" WITH COREY PARSON DUMBFOUNDEDLY STILL sitting next to him?

That's as hypocritical a statement as you will EVER hear.

Listen, if you will, to the next five minutes of Carton & Friends and tell us how in the world is Parson still there ruining the show with his laughing over any and every semi-cute line?

That's horrific back-and-forth right there. What should be Carton and another pro's pro OR Carton with the girl sidekick is some other nonsense that is almost worse than if he had Jerry Recco as the third wheel with him. But, again, as emailer 'J' asked, "Hey, Blitz? Is Corey Parson to Craig Carton like Bennie the Book was to Gino Felino?"

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