Craig Carton on Mike Francesa reducing the Terrible Trio and Joe & Evan's air time

Craig Carton read the Daily News piece on Mike Francesa reducing the Terrible Trio AND Joe and Evan's air time to go back head-to-head against Michael Kay:

Unless there is a last-minute snag in the negotiations, Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa will soon return to WFAN, the Daily News has learned.

Francesa will be back in the 3 p.m.-7 p.m. slot, according to well-embedded Hudson Street (FAN Headquarters) rats. The sources said the 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. slot will be divided between Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts, currently FAN's 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. team, and CMB, aka Chris Carlin, Maggie Gray and Bart Scott, who replaced Francesa earlier this year.

Leave it to Mark Chernoff to take the only tolerable (to some) part of the day and screw with it while NOT firing the Terrible Trio and bringing back the fat moron who took shots at the station on the way out last year. Lying all the way. WFAN source, told the Daily News: "If he came back here it would be a real shit show. It's no secret that he's not well-liked."

Carton weighed in, oddly in 480p...

How does Craig know the Terrible Trio is doing its best to create a good show? Bart Scott is almost as unprepared as Joe Benigno.

This still feels like Francesa leaks to create buzz for himself.

Here's Joe & Evan on Mike Francesa's supposed return to WFAN.

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