Craig Carton: The Terrible Trio has to fight back against Chris Russo or they lose in more than just their awful ratings

Craig Carton rips Chris Russo. "I would slap Chris Russo in the face with facts. He has no ratings and hasn't in years. High Heat has no viewers either. And the ratings are even lower when Mike Francesa is on. Who is Russo to call out me and Boomer & Gio to go get ratings?"

Carton then went on to tell the Terrible Trio to fight back or they lose. One problem Mr. Carton - Maggie Gray & that clown Bart Scott are ESL students and don't have the tongues to fight back.

Carton's online audio program 'Carton & Friends' averaged 40,000 unique listeners while Craig's Periscope page did about 20,000 unique viewers per broadcast last week. Likely to improve further now that it is on FNTSY's YouTube page, a national terrestrial radio syndication on the way, and in works to stop Corey Parsons horrific laughing.

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