Craig Carton took to Twitter on Mike Francesa's return helping Michael Kay

Craig Carton, today:


comical that everyone criticized CMB show and now that the company did something about it, those same people are being critical. Show had no ratings, no buzz and 2be fair no time to properly succeed or fail. Welcome to show biz - the good news is that they are all still employed

Would have been great though if CMB showed some fight yesterday especially in light of Carlin sending Mike and Russo texts messages saying Su*k My D*^k. Lost opportunity to do great radio..

Craigy jumped back on.

one last thing - the interest in WFAN Radio is unmatched by any other station in NYC and the fact that this is the #1 story in NY sports or news related speaks volumes to the relationship that New Yorkers had, have and want to have with the station

replacing legendary broadcasters is tricky. sometimes it works and does better sometimes it fails miserably.

Michael Kay Show had more than enough opportunities 2 become the show of record in NY they never have or will, doesn't mean its a bad show just means the listeners have never bought into making it a must listen. If Kay retired it would be a Mushnick or Raisman column nothing else

And then Carton went at the Terrible Trio, specifically Chris Carlin, on his radio program.

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