Sid Rosenberg: Everybody in the biz hates unemployed Mike Francesa but he should return to WFAN because the Terrible Trio stinks

How much you want to bet Mike Francesa (who 'talked to the Post for 5 minutes' yet that only resulted in one quote) fed his 'WFAN in play' one to the author in order to see if he could get the disgruntled Terrible Trio haters yapping in a desperate attempt to get them out and him back in?

I'm so tired of sitting at home all day with my fruit.

Sid Rosenberg this morning reiterated that the unemployed Francesa is 'hated by everyone in the business' and 'they're not going to pay him millions of dollars' but 'I want him to get WFAN's afternoon job' because the Terrible Trio 'stinks.'

Sid added, 'Boomer Esiason can talk 'til he's blue [in the upper lip], that show isn't the same [without Craig Carton].'

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