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STILL unemployed Mike Francesa 'desperate' to return to radio with WFAN 'in play'

Mike Francesa, as we said, had no new job to announce this past April 2nd. And now the NY Post says he's been offering to whore himself to several radio stations with no takers.

How much you want to bet Francesa (who 'talked to the Post for 5 minutes' yet that only resulted in one quote) fed this to the author in order to see if he could get the disgruntled Terrible Trio haters yapping in a desperate attempt to get them out and him back in?

While Francesa or his representatives have had talks with executives from 98.7 ESPN New York and WOR 710 AM, according to sources, a return to FAN in some form could be in motion.


With ESPN, Francesa has tried to entice the New York affiliate to take his Sunday morning NFL show and put it on its airwaves this fall, according to sources. ESPN would not consider putting Francesa in place of Kay’s show. It is unclear how a partnership with WOR, which does have the Mets’ games, would work. WOR currently has Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on in the afternoons.

Francesa has been eligible to sign with any radio station since April 1, but has been unable to find anything as a second career after FAN. But now, he desperately wants to get back on the radio and is trying to find a job at a New York station.


When reached by phone and asked specifically about this possibility, Francesa was silent for a moment.

“I’m not answering questions about any specific stations,” Francesa told The Post during a five-minute conversation.

Lying sack of unemployed garbage Francesa lastly said he would announce his next job 'before June 21st.'

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