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The Boycott Starbucks Movement is Stupid

KD says that the #BoycottStarbucks Movement is Stupid.

Last week, the story of two African-American men trying to relieve themselves at a Starbucks in Philadelphia became national news because it is apparently racist to enforce the common "Restroom For Customers Only" standard.

Now, aside from the fact that everyone knows that everyone in Philly are just assholes, I assume this particular Starbucks in Philly - as is every Starbucks in every city in the World - just a small-business franchise owned by a regular person trying to pay the rent.

Starbucks is in the selling hot water for exorbitant prices business, not the free bathroom business. In exchange for your $8 cup of hot water you get a quiet and clean clean environment, WiFi access and John Mayer's music played on an (Ad nauseam) endless fucking loop.

The franchisees are not Starbucks Corporate. They are small business owners who took out some SBA loan to finance a living for themselves and their employees. Regular people.

They have franchise fees to Starbucks Corp., plus commercial rent ($160,000/month for a prime location in Manhattan), $15 min wages; and every expense that goes along with running a small business - including, but not limited to, the cost of the water it takes to flush a toilet.

Loitering and/or tresspassing is a crime and using the bathroom isn't free...If you really have to relieve yourself, the least you could do for a nice, clean, private restroom (especially in the case of a #2) is to just buy a cup of completely overpriced hot water. Starbucks Corp. has nothing to do with this at all.

By law, a Starbucks employee is not allowed to physically remove anybody, regardless of behavior. The only legal option in this situation was to call the police in order to remove someone who technically was breaking the law.

"Restroom For Customers Only" is a widely held retail standard. If you don't think so, try using the restroom at Bergdorf Goodman without purchasing anything and see whether your face or your ass hits 5th Ave first.


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