A Mike Francesa caller who attended his failed Tilles Center goodbye feels Mike stole money from his fans

Mike Francesa's return to WFAN has been horrendous. Bart Scott excepted (needless to say) Francesa is no better than MB or TMKS. Jeff in Manhattan is even more upset. See Jeff was at that failed WFAN Presents: Francesa, A Night to Remember Wednesday, November 15, 2017 in the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, at LIU Post in Brookville.

You recall that night. Mike Francesa, limping like an at the gate Willy Wonka, said good bye to fans who paid $100. (And, yes - of course Chris Russo was nuzzling his wasp's nest for the very last time.) The station 'honored' the homophobic loyalty oath demanding fool but due to a lack of interest in Grand Slam VIP tickets, the station had halted sales and went with a lame contest instead.

WFAN broadcast the full "echo filled due to lack of attendance" event and...Francesa said good bye.

Of course Mike didn't see the empty seats or hear the echoes because he was talking the entire time. Nevertheless, the next day he summed up the failed event on WFAN.

Well last night the chickens came home to roost. Jeff in Manhattan, who attended the event, feels ripped off.

And Francesa really had the audacity to say, "I never signed an oath..."

The best part of that? Those last 3 seconds. The 3 in which Francesa sounds like he can't breathe.

Former listeners weighed in.

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