Boomer Esiason ripped the Daily News & Kristie Ackert for making up a Mets source & the NYDN made it disappear

Boomer Esiason on Friday ripped the Daily News' Kristie Ackert for making up a Mets source when she reported that Jacob deGrom was going to miss four starts.

It gets worse. She actually claimed sources:

dePhew! Mets sources told the Daily News Thursday morning that the MRI on Jacob deGrom's right elbow was clean for ligament damage. While that is obviously good news, the righthander is expected to miss at least four starts with the hyperextended elbow.

But wait, it gets even dirtier. The Daily News made the report disappear.

Here's the article as it appeared Friday.

Here it is in Google.

And here it is today. The Daily News made the piece disappear with no explanation.

One can read the old title in the old link:

That's the disappearing fake news you'd expect out of the failing Daily News at this point.

Oh, and Boomer mocked Eddie Coleman for his 'uh uh uh' tic to boot.

The entire sports editorial staff at the News should be fired. Oh, and you might recall Ackert from her February 'Ya know?' battle with Joe Benigno.

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