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Former Mike Francesa fans blast his shameless & sad unretirement

Jeff in Manhattan, who attended the failed Tilles Center goodbye to Mike Francesa, feels ripped off. The call is great. Almost as good? Fan commentary.

Taylorslade: "Mike’s “retirement” was so shameless that even Terry Funk would be embarrassed over that one."

fiyahdave: "Great call. I was at Tilles and to be fair he's right. Mike took everyone for a ride. But that's his specialty."

Dan Nelson: "Don’t want to admit it but the caller was really right on levels."

irishwhip03: "Mike's fake retirement would've never happened if the Fan hired a decent replacement. The second they hired a bumbling fatty, a woman and a black ex-player, the writing on the wall was there for Mike's return if they paid him enough to come back."

Nikos Niko: "Haha soo funny!

Patrick Booth: "I never got the hype for Francesca. He was the worse half of mike and mad dog and he’s relatively knowledgeable but pretty boring compared to mad dog or to joe and Evan"

ihatebologna59: "I’m elated that Mike’s back, but I will admit that if I shelled out a decent amount of dough to see one of his last shows, I’d be pissed."

Juswan: "We all know Mike is a freakin jerk. Oddly enough it's also a part of his likability."

TheKettles28: "Jay Leno sees nothing wrong with Francesa‘s move."

It continued:

"Brett Favre even calls Francesa “retirement” a sham and stunt."

"mike's a hypocrite"

"Maybe Mike should get hot girls to dance on his new app, like Craig Carton does on his show."

"Damn the caller got Francesca. Left him tongue tied a bit."

"Mike came back begging. The fan get an awesome discount."

"Mike realised how miserable life at home is ! Lol"

"Is this an old report or a new report???"

Mike Francesa's return to WFAN has been horrendous. Bart Scott excepted (needless to say) Francesa is no better than MB or TMKS.

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