Mike Francesa sounded like a doddering fool as he talked to A-Rod about apps

@FormerlyFuntime forecasts lots of rain...

Near billionaire Alex Rodriguez, CEO of AROD Corp -- a multi-faceted business conglomeration boasting coast to coast presence with an auto dealership group, international and domestic fitness clubs, and a fully integrated real estate empire (with over 200 employees and more than 12,000 units in their portfolio across 13 states) has appeared on ABC's Shark Tank. There he's evaluated and made deals with entrepreneurs pitching cutting edge technologies.

Today, looking like a doddering old fool who's been taken advantage of, Mike Francesa told A-Rod all about apps.

But first he addressed Alex as Eli.

Here's the full description of apps (the Apple 'App Store' debuted in 2008) by Francesa to Alex Rodriguez.

Back in December 2017, Francesa ripped Twitter as the 'worst run company in America' on CNBC's Halftime Report to boot.

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