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Mike Francesa's Twitter launch a 'massive failure'

Francesa completely overestimated size of Mongo Nation

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Team sees 1/3 expected first day total followers

New York, NY -- Mike Francesa's team had a plan hastily put together when he crawled back to WFAN after finding no other takers. The plan? "Don't do more than one thing a month the first few months." ie, Don't blow your load all at once. A) Return B) Join Twitter C) Summer Show & D) Revolutionary app. Why space it out? A person close to the situation says the idea was Mongo Nation would turn out for the big days each month -- driving him to easy ratings wins over Michael Kay's awful show.

It still remains to be seen ratings wise but casual fans have told us, "Tuned in day 1. That was all."

Which means they've missed Mike's adding double the 'Ya knows' & 'I means' to the verbal tic collection.

They also missed his Twitter launch. (Francesa pledged in 2012 to never join Twitter and just last December called it 'the worst run company in America.' WFAN insiders tell us, "Francesa boasted that he and his team expected 125,000 followers by Saturday morning. 49K is a massive failure and a good estimation of how not so big the ironic followers of Mongo Nation really are."

Not good. Not to mention that his first Tweet, 'Long time coming, first time tweeting. Don’t waste my time with dumb stuff.' was mocked far and wide as 'the worst first Tweet with that build up, ever.' He followed up with Tweets about his poor horse, also named after those suffering from Down's Syndrome, and a James Dolan ass kissing, "David Tepper buys the Carolina Panthers for 2.275 billion. A steal! The rest of us have to settle for buying MSG stock, which will continue to go up."

Wow. Who WOULDN'T want to follow along for those gems?

Boomer Esiason & Kay both have roughly 200K followers. Luckily for Mike...he's got nothing but time.

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