NY Post rips pathetic Mets for firing joke telling employee while highlighting obscene 50 Cent

The Mets fired 2 long term GOOD employees this year. One for telling a joke and one for laughing at it. Exclusively revealed by The Blitz and all recorded clandestinely by someone who very well shouldn't have been where they were at the time.

Obscene and you know it should be in prison but he's instead partying with us at Vivid Cabaret rapper 50 Cent?

Come on in! Phil Mushnick outs the hypocrisy.

The Mets fired two longtime, highly regarded and well-liked game-day employees after a female employee, eavesdropping from another room, recorded them sharing what they thought they discreetly and privately shared as a dirty joke.

In an absurd but now common and selective overreaction, the two were canned because they were judged to have created a sexually unsafe workplace — as if Fred or Jeff Wilpon have never told a naughty joke in private. Did you hear the one about the team owner who fell for two Ponzi schemes?

Yet, for a second time, the Mets will honor Queens native 50 Cent, a rapper of unprintably vulgar lyrics that typically include sexual degradations of women and steady, frequent references to black men as “n—as.” Mr. Cent also has a criminal record for drugs, weapons and assaults.

Perhaps, as he takes the mound to again throw out the ceremonial first pitch, the Mets will play his number titled “I Smell P—y” as his walk-up music.

Hey, the Mets have a sense of humor. Look at that team out there and who DOES still have their jobs.

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