WFAN's Boomer & Gio finished worse than the Terrible Trio with Esiason at the helm in April

WFAN's morning show ratings fall in the winter ratings book was bad...and it continued into April. Boomer & Gio finished a head shakingly bad ninth in the morning races with a 4.8 rating.

For comparisons sake the Terrible Trio finished tied for 5th with that liar Michael Kay (He of the New York's #1 sports radio advertising!) with a 4.9 rating during the 3-6:30PM head to head hours.

Yes, you read that right. The Terrible Trio had a 4.9 rating in April to Boomer & Gio's 4.8

This all sets up such opportunities for a Mr. Craig Carton if he successfully wins his upcoming October court case. In the meantime - WFAN needs to do everything it can to keep an audience from 6-9AM. A) Dump the Jerry Recco hourly updates. They're superflous and with John Sterling clips they're annoying. Folks are switching to Bernie and Sid during that time. Often forgetting to come back. B) Let Gio drive the show. When Chris Carlin bitched Giannotti didn't promote his guest strongly enough - Gio led and that led to the best 7 minutes of Boomer & Gio to date.

And then hold on because CC is waiting in the wings.

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