You'll be Dumber Reading what Cherry Hill HS (NJ) Principal Dennis Perry said About the United States Declaration of Independence

Cherry Hill High School East principal Dr. Dennis Perry said in a letter to the community posted on his Twitter account Friday that some people were offended, and he wanted to apologize, "for the hurt feelings this reference caused for members of our school family." The reference? Senior prom tickets urged students to "party like it's 1776" during the event at Philadelphia's National Constitution Center.

"It was insensitive and irresponsible not to appreciate that not all communities can celebrate what life was like in 1776," Perry said.

In the future, Perry added, safeguards would be instituted "to ensure that a diverse group of people view all information before it is distributed from the school."

"I would like to thank members of our school community for their caring and thoughtful conversation while discussing this sensitive issue," he said.

The United States Declaration of Independence...a 'sensitive' issue. Shut the hell up.

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