Bitcoin will remain but not as a currency, predicts Baba Booey

It's going to be like another commodity-like asset out there, says Baba Booey, sharing his thoughts on the future of bitcoin.

Oh, sorry. That's Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz chief economic advisor.

Bitcoin is at $5,888. Let's just wait on what fugazi thing Brian Kelly has to say today. Watch these key levels? Some are concerned about falling Google searches for Bitcoin, but not Brian Kelly? Bitcoin has bottomed? Bitcoin is below $10k, time to buy? Bitcoin is below $9k, time to buy? Bitcoin is below 8k, time to buy? Bitcoin is below 7k, time to buy? Bitcoin is below 6k, time to buy?

Also note the annoying new habit of CNBC folks like Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Kelly Evans (when she gets back), Sara Eisen, and the 2 absolute worst: Scott Wapner & Melissa Lee to cut off folks they are interviewing while said folks are still talking. ala, Neil Cavuto at Fox News.

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