Craig Carton: Don La Greca snapped because he's lost to WFAN 204 times

Craig Carton on the embarrassing Don La Greca rant against Arbitron and WFAN: “If I’ve been beaten every week of every month of every year for the last 17 years, I would be pretty upset about it too and maybe sensitive to the fact that my show’s not good enough to beat a boring old irrelevant show. So he finally broke. And he went crazy yesterday. I love it. Good for him."

That's some backward kinda 'good on you buddy.' Losing to a tired, old, irrelevant man who still has no one around him who loves him enough to let him know it's typically not 'I could care less' and that he looks like a moron for continuing to say it to boot.

Carton added: "Do a better show Don."

Carton went on to blame Dave Rosenberg for the most recent sucking. "They got that little bitch weasle. He's a no talent hack. He's not even really part of the show. Sits there playing with his phone not paying attention. I can show you tangibly how he brought ratings down over there.

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