Georgetown U Law prof Deb Epstein quits NFL domestic violence commission because NFLPA SOBs continues to support abusers

Georgetown University Law professor Deborah Epstein resigned from the NFL Players Association commission on domestic violence. "I simply cannot continue to be part of a body that exists in name only," she writes. The group was formed to study the problem of intimate partner violence within the families of NFL players after Ray Rice KO'd his then fiancee in Atlantic City.

Deborah continues: "That study was completed two years ago, in June 2016. Since then, despite my numerous requests, the commission has met only three times. As of our last meeting, the NFLPA had not implemented any of the reforms proposed in our study."

Because I care deeply about violence against women in the NFL and beyond, I can no longer continue to be part of a commission that is essentially a fig leaf.

And the NFLPA’s response to my letter of resignation? A one-line email thanking me for my service but failing to acknowledge or respond to any of the substantive points set forth. The email was short, but its message couldn’t have been clearer: The NFL Players Association is no longer interested in even making a public show of concern about violence against women — a point driven home more forcefully during each new NFL draft season.

The NFL is garbage. And the NFLPA is an even bigger dumpster filled with it.

[WaPo: I’m done helping the NFL Players Association’s pay lip service to domestic violence prevention, by Deborah Epstein]

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