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GOP releases enlightening new ad: 'The Left in 2018: Unhinged'

The Left in 2018: Unhinged is a great first step. (Nationwide TV launch scheduled for 9PM, Friday July 6, 2018.)

President should schedule an emergency speech from the Oval Office, tomorrow, at 8PM. Trump should give a fiery speech that touches on all his accomplishments BUT he should have a multimedia bonanza put together: Clips of Bill Clinton calling for major crackdowns on immigration (with Dems cheering). He should play the clip of Obama, Hillary, and Schumer calling for the wall. He should show the separation of kids at the border during the Obama years and trumpet he ending it.

Then as he touches on nat'l sec, the witch hunt, Dems like Phil Murphy spending so much and raising the budget in NJ so high it'll camouflage tax cuts here, draining the swamp, clips of Maxine Waters calling for attacks...he ends with jobs. Playing Obama's magic wand clip -- It'd be epic.

And it would be direct to cnn/msnbc viewers who never see those clips anywhere else.

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