2013: Joe Beningo says WFAN will 'never take care of us like they should'

Joe Benigno went on the record on 50,000 watts in 2013 that WFAN would never take care of them as they should.

The only thing that makes Joe look like a bigger fool than his own words of old is Gregg Giannotti going to that subject when impersonating Joey.

Again and again.

Whether it's Gio as Joe saying of Kim Jones, "I do like doing shows with Kim, Kim Jones, because she looks a little bit different from the other guys if you know what I mean. Cause she's a woman, if you know what I mean. They're men and she's a woman so that's why I like looking at her...if you know what I mean."

Or whether it's Gio as Benigno asking a caller if she is hot.

Why that subject matter...?

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