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Craig Carton finally made the papers again

He'd be a better co-host...

Craig Carton, doing a good show but unlistenable due to his co-hosts, made Phil Mushnick's column today.

Once Upon A Mattress: Does WFAN employment cause commercial insomnia?

First, Craig Carton modestly claimed, “Everyone knows I had trouble sleeping” — until he discovered My Pillow. Now, Evan Roberts, claiming he’d only been able to sleep about “4½ hours” at night, has been cured by My Pillow.

Only problem is Phil got the cause and effect wrong. Roberts was/is a My Pillow liar. He did/does ads in which he claims he sleeps 8 hours due to the My Pillow. And then he goes on air and accidentally admits he doesn't sleep 8 hours per day with it.

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