Did Joe Biden use mafia hitman Frank Sheeran to shut down a newspaper?

It was revealed in 2004 that in the week prior to Election Day an unidentified representative of the Joe Biden campaign (Described as the campaign's legal councel) approached Teamsters Local 326 President - and Mafia hitman - Frank Sheeran about preventing the distribution of the Wilmington News Journal because Sen. Boggs was running an advertisement unflattering to Biden. In exchange for undisclosed considerations and because Sheeran felt "Biden was better for labor anyway," the Teamsters Union organized a strike preventing the newspapers from being delivered. Additionally a shipment of newspaper printing materials had been sabotaged. As a result, the Wilmington News Journal was not distributed in the week prior to Election day. It is unclear whether Biden himself was aware of the plot but after the election Sheeran said he "could always reach out to [Biden] and he would listen."

From Sheeran's deathbed confession I Heard You Paint Houses: Frank The Irishman Sheeran & Closing the Case on Jimmy Hoffa via Amazon.

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