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Gregg Giannotti squarely in the hot seat as Boomer & Gio are out rated by CMB

Boomer and Gio doesn't work. It just doesn't work with Esiason, still, leading the way. (As soon as a show starts talking about 'the stream' -- one knows they are in trouble) And that has put Gregg Giannotti squarely in the hot seat.

Winter 2017 - Boomer & Carton had a 7.3 = good for #1.
Winter 2018 - Boomer & Gio had a 5.1 = good for only 7th place.
Spring 2018 - Boomer & Gio had a 5.2 = good for only 5th place.

Ready for this? With all the crap the Terrible Trio took...they are higher than Boomer & Gio. Let that sink in: CMB is rating higher than Boomer & Gio. Boomer and Gio just had the lowest rated Spring in a decade.

Craig Carton's trial is now three months away (with an important hearing this Thursday). Boomer and Gio have two to three months to survive. If they continue to procure low 5 shares during the Yankee playoff race and into football and CC is exonerated and available? What do you think is gonna happen?

Hey, we've been warning the duo all year. Boomer cannot lead a show. Al Dukes cannot direct a show. Hourly updates are just plain stupid. But Giannotti has not stood up and driven anything.

Like um at the end of the day is there no one who can, ya know, work with Esiason and all that other stuff on his repetitiveness and verbal tics? This morning he used the word 'Startingly.' (Then again, Gio thought it 'ironic' that the last time we heard about Cespedes was the 1st Subway Series and now we're hearing about him again the 2nd...)

Not good.

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