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Joe Benigno accused of badgering sales exec to join him in group sex with his wife & a prostitute

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WFAN's Joe Benigno is accused of badgering sales exec Lauren Lockwood to join him in group sex with his wife and a prostitute. Lockwood, 40, who filed the $5 million suit in Brooklyn Civil Court, says she brought in top clients and millions in sales, all the while being subjected to a bro culture full of sexual innuendo, leering co-workers and creepy back rubs:

In November 2014, when Lockwood’s desk was moved to the same floor as WFAN, Benigno took that as an invitation to flirt and brag about his sexual prowess, the suit said.

The sport-chat host would stop by her desk, rub her back and whisper in her ear about his sexual acrobatics, according to the suit. Benigno shared not-safe-for-work photos of his naked wife with a prostitute and invited her to join the couple for a menage a trois, she said in the suit.

Benigno, 64, also compared the physiques of other women in the office and carried on a two-year affair with a sales assistant, Lockwood claims.

When she rebuffed his advances, he fumed, “Can’t even give her a compliment,” she claims.

Benigno, who has been at the station for 24 years and hosts a show from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. with Evan Roberts, refuted Lockwood’s claims through his agent.

“Benigno showed [Lockwood] a nude photo of his wife with a prostitute and propositioned [Lockwood] to join him, his wife and a prostitute in sexual intercourse,” according to the complaint.

“Joe categorically denies the allegations,” Mark Lepselter said. “My father once told me on any story, always consider the source and those who live in glass houses. We’re more than prepared to handle the situation if need be.”

Lockwood put in five years at the station, ranking first among the 65 sales staffers where men outnumbered women four to one.

Benigno was also accused in the 39-page suit of ranking women...on the basis of their looks — and carrying on an affair with a female subordinate for roughly two years.

Sources for Benigno said he has hired a lawyer.

WFAN made tapes of his admitted LSD use disappear. They also, shockingly, made tapes of the creep disparaging Joe Namath's then pregnant daughter while slobbering over Jim Kelly's young girls, Erin and Camryn, also disappear...


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