Joe Benigno suspended indefinitely from WFAN | Bob's Blitz

Joe Benigno suspended indefinitely from WFAN

Entercom regional president Susan Larkin sent out a memo to WFAN advertisers yesterday, “Joe Benigno initially will be on leave while we work through this matter carefully, to avoid any potential distraction from the great sports talk content our listeners, advertisers and community expect us to deliver each day.”

Is that a paid or unpaid suspension? (And, given Entercom was going to vigorously defend its innocence, it has to go until a court decision is complete, right?)

Larkin added that the extensively detailed sexual harassment lawsuit "includes troubling allegations that were not raised during Lockwood’s employment, but were made through this lawsuit seeking millions in compensatory damages."

So that's a new report. A new report that will inevitably see The Clancy Law Firm looking up previous female employees of the 10th floor at 345 Hudson and from Astoria before that.


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