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NJ Gov Phil Murphy's soccer team's players 'forced to live with elderly man who made inappropriate comments & made them uncomfortable'

Sky Blue FC soccer club, owned by New Jersey governor Phil Murphy, is under scrutiny for poor management, facilities, and housing.

Sounds just like a sanctuary city.

The Equalizer has spoken to a half-dozen people affiliated with the club, some of whom requested to remain anonymous. All shared a bleak picture of life at Sky Blue beyond the club’s current winless season: stories of poor housing situations, poor facilities, and broad mismanagement.

Caroline Stanley, who played for the club in 2016, knew from the first day she arrived at Sky Blue that something wasn’t right.

“The first day I actually got there, I landed, checked my phone, and had an email saying the place they told me I was living had been changed,” she told The Equalizer.

“It was Day 1, new team, moving across the country, the place I thought I was living I’m no longer living and it’s just kind of ‘To Be Determined.’ The comfort, and the management of off-the-field quality of life was just really poor and unorganized. I ended up getting shoved into a really tiny little house in a beach town with four other girls, and it was two sets of bunk beds.”

Murphy, as expected, threw a co-owner under the bus for the mess. “I’m the majority owner but my principal co-owner is much more actively involved and obviously we have a professional staff at the general manager and business side as well as the coaching staff. I’m intensely involved on the capital side, but less so on operations.”

What a jerk.

Dustin Racioppi reports further, "The team's training facilities have no locker rooms or running water and use portable bathrooms, according to the soccer publication The Equalizer, which does not name Murphy in its story. One training facility is referred to as “The Jungle,” according to The Equalizer. And a lack of laundry services means that players sometimes have to wear dirty gear during practice."

Racioppi added, "Besides offering poor training facilities, Sky Blue struggled to provide adequate housing for players, the stories said. Players bounced around homes and slept on couches, which general manager Tony Novo denied. Hodgson said one of the houses had plastic bags and sheets of cardboard for windows, as well as comforters stuck in holes in the wall.

"The Equalizer also reported that 'some players were forced to live with an elderly man who repeatedly made inappropriate comments to the players and made them feel uncomfortable.'"

Guy can't run a soccer team and you elected him to run a state.

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