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Phil Mushnick killed the hypocritical dumpster fire that is the NY Mets

Back in April we broke the story that the NY Mets dismissed long time PA announcer Alex Anthony because he told a dirty joke.

In May we learned the team (Sandy Alderson's Mets cannot really even be called a 'team' -- They are an incohesive pile of shit.) club also fired Chris Granozio, 53, who worked as an assistant director, writer, archivist and scoreboard operator with the team since 1996 -- for laughing.

Today Phil Mushnick just destroyed the disgrace in Flushing.

Justice isn’t blind. It just sees what it chooses to see.

Here’s the timeline. See if it makes any sense:

May 2014, the Mets salute Queens native, vulgar, N-wording, women-degrading rapper and recidivist criminal 50 Cent by having him throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

May 2016, former Mets’ shortstop Jose Reyes, then with the Rockies, is suspended by MLB for violating its domestic violence policy by allegedly assaulting his wife.

July 2016, the Mets reacquire Reyes. His return is mostly applauded by fans in Citi Field. The Mets, after all, are short infielders.

March 2018, the Mets fire two longtime, popular and productive front office workers, Alex Anthony — the team’s public address man since 2004 and an able, entertaining host of Mets’ off-field events — and Chris Granozio — who did a lot of everything before, during and after home games since 1996.

They were fired after a new co-worker not only eavesdropped on a private conversation between the two, she recorded it — Anthony’s ribald Bob Murphy imitation, one that included, “p—y.”

The woman then brought her covert recording to team management/ownership. The two were soon sacked for creating a sexually hostile work environment.

April 2018, the Mets announce that 50 Cent will be back to throw out the first pitch. Among Cent’s recorded, sold and performed “songs” is one titled “I Smell P—y.”

June, 22, 2018, the Mets, a sneaker company and rapper Busta Rhymes conduct a game/concert come-on to promote Rhymes’ association with the sneaker company.

Among Rhymes’ recorded, sold and publicly performed “songs” is “Break Ya Neck.”

Its lyrics include, “The only thing you need to do right here is nod your f—in’ head. Yeah, yeah, break ya f—in’ neck, bitches …

“Talk to a n—a, talk to me … the way you break yo’ back and I break yo’ neck …

“Y’all n—-s know every time I come through, this motherf—er, where we always takin’ the ride, so let me do this bitch … Break yo’ neck, n—a.”

There are many such Rhymes songs to choose from.

But 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes must meet with Commissioner Rob “Kids Count Most” Manfred’s and the Wilpons’ approval and sense of what and who should enhance the sell of big league games.

Perhaps then, they’d like to sing a few of those rappers’ lyrics in public. No? Why not?

And Alex Anthony and Chris Granozio — two longtime, well-liked and highly regarded Mets’ employees — were fired as insufferable humans because an eavesdropping co-worker heard and recorded Anthony telling Granozio a satirical dirty joke in what they presumed was private.

The Mets, you see, would never allow anyone, under any circumstances, to feel any social discomfort or pander to those who promote antisocial behavior. They’ll stand for none of that — unless it can help win a few games and sell some tickets.

The Mets are disgusting. This is a complete and utter disaster. The Wilpons may enjoy the homes they go home to but they better be aware that the Mets team they let Alderson destroy is more proof of their ability to look the other way like during not 1 but 2 Ponzi schemes.

And Bobby Bonilla...(And don't forget - the Wilpons decided on the awesome Bonilla deal because they felt paying him millions for years would be shit compared to how much Bernie Madoff would 'make' them on their 'investment' then.)


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