You always knew Alexa had an equalizer & now you can adjust it

Alexa has an equalizer, OK? And now you can adjust it. Bass, Treble, & Midrange. Mike Maas writes, “Alexa, crank up the bass,” “Alexa, turn up treble.”

“Alexa, increase bass.”

“Alexa, decrease treble.”

"Alexa reset bass."


Setting bass, treble, or midrange to 'max' sets it to 6. 'Resetting' bass, treble, or midrange sets it to 4. You can also individually go outside the range by assigning numbers. Bass ranges from 6 to -6 (set bass to negative 6), treble also can be set between 6 and -6, as can midrange.

Enjoy. And, yes -- our units had some problems understanding 'treble' instead hearing 'trouble' and 'travel.'

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