NY Post makes Larry Brooks 'Tanaka may be right guy for wild-cart start' article disappear

Readers of the 8/11/18 early edition of the NY Post got a great Larry Brooks piece, Tanaka may be right guy for wild-card start.

They also got an awesome cover.

Online? The article was scrubbed after Masahiro's awful Friday night against the lowly Texas Rangers. In its place is Brooksies' Tanaka didn’t look like a go-to guy in a one-game playoff. The only thing close to acknowledging that maybe Larry had pushed the Tanaka Wildcard start was the line 'So there was Tanaka, presenting an interesting alternative for Boone to consider.'

But one guesses one bad job outta Tanaka trumps all that. The piece ended with, 'But the tone was set by Tanaka. It was off-key. Severino had better be prepared to hum in the wild-card game. Don’t you think?'


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