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NY Sports Talk fan blasts Boomer & Gio

Hanging with a, um, sports talk 'focus group' ... yesterday and we got yet another complaint about Boomer & Gio.

I drive all day for work. I'm in the truck 30% of the day (at clients 70%). I can't stand Boomer & Gio.

Why? What don't you like?

ALL they do is talk about their personal lives. I don't care about Gio's mother, wife, baby. I don't care about Al Dukes' vacation. I don't care what Jerry Recco did this weekend. And I certainly don't want to hear Boomer Esiason bitch about paying for his daughter's wedding. A daughter whose Twitter account reads like a failed resume. Formerly Sports Illustrated's @SI_Wire, formerly NHL.com, formerly NY Jets. New York gal #justrivals ambassador? WTF is that? She's marrying a hockey player who was just offloaded to the Islanders because the Maple Leafs were sick of paying him TEN MILLION DOLLARS and I give two shits about his wedding? NO! STFU!

But it was the same when Craig Carton was there. Don't recall talk of Esiason giving him cars and trucks?

YES but Craig moved it along. These idiots don't move it along. I'm in the car - give me the f*cking scores and talk about what went on in sports. Carton talked some pop culture from time to time too but he never let the personal lives talk go on for too long.

You listen to Carton now?

He's on the radio?

Yeah, he's on something called FNTSY. You can watch him on TV via YouTube. His co-hosts are awful, though. A guy who guffaws all over everything and a blonde who doesn't know her ass from her elbow in any sport besides MMA. Watched at the beginning but the two around him kill the show making it unwatchable/unlistenable.

No because I'm in the truck I wasn't even aware he was on.

We watch B&G for the first 20 minutes and then listen to Bernie & Sid or Len Berman.

Yeah, no thanks. I'm stuck with B&G because I do want to hear who won around the leagues and, again, driving so that's my source. Evan Roberts keeps it to sports, mostly. CMB is awful. You get a dissenting opinion and all three jump down the caller's throat. Why even bother calling them? They have no idea how to debate. I'm just glad Mike Francesa came back. 3-6:30 is all sports, basically.

Stuck. Ouch...

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