Hide the Women & Children - Joe Benigno back Monday at WFAN?

Allan Sniffen, who is typically on point, writes, "I'm hearing Joe Benigno WILL be back on Monday." A follow up post by Tom Preston points out, "Well, if is a promotion of Joe's return next week, it's the subtlest kind, but I noticed this morning that WFAN is running a promo of Monday's show, recorded by Evan Roberts. In that promo, even keeps saying, 'We.'"

He's not on the schedule officially yet and Roberts has been reading the CSB spots. But they're also continuing to run the Smithtown Nissan, Craig Fina crap. Guilty or not guilty as an advertiser - do you want him doing your reads?

They fire him, they lose the lawsuit. BUT also if they find things and don't fire him they can always say, 'hey we suspended him.'

They bring him back? Proverbial can of worms. And the potential for some really good prank calls.

Hey - could always just have Gregg Giannotti do a double shift AS Benigno.


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